Having worked with Ron Berlin for several years on various projects, I am thoroughly pleased as a general contractor by his collaborative spirit for problem solving, his precise and articulate style of communication and his commitment to excellence.  It's always a very satisfying experience to build work beautifully designed by Ron that is both aesthetically sensitive and practical.   He has a keen knowledge of architectural history tempered by a wonderfully creative spirit.  Ron cares about people as much as he cares about design.  He listens intently, mediates misunderstandings with diplomacy and fairness, and is unfailingly honest -- a true gentleman.  
John Garretson,
Garretson Custom Builders LLC

We first met Ron when we were looking for an architect to help us on a small project, the conversion of a screened porch to a home office. We were so pleased with his work that subsequently we hired him for two major renovations/additions. Ron is a pleasure to work with—he is thoughtful, taking time to understand his client’s needs and preferences, creative and meticulous. He enjoys the challenges inherent in any job and has always had the ability to come up with solutions for the seemingly insurmountable problems that come with home design. Ron’s sense of humor and clear passion for what he does make working with him a delight.
Brad Middlekauff and Nancy Goldin

Ron Berlin works with an architectural vision — incorporating clean and simple lines, the play of light and color, the manipulation of spatial volumes, attention to detail, and a commitment to historical authenticity. Equally important, however, is your vision as the client, and ultimately your needs come first. Ron will negotiate, coax, give in, come up with innovative alternatives, and then push himself until your plan represents the best synthesis of architect and client, and of the practical and the esthetic.

In other words, Ron’s designs are inspired, but the real creative process lies in his ability to work with you to draw the best out of both you and him. Nothing energizes him more than working through a seemingly intractable problem until it is resolved in a way that is pleasing to all.

All these forces came into play as we worked with Ron to renovate our late 19th-century house and added a master suite and a 21st-century kitchen that honors the spirit of the original building. Though separated by more than a century, the new and the old talk to each other across generations and share the same DNA. Quite a miraculous process and result.
Roger Shatzkin

Over nearly ten years I have worked with Ron Berlin on four very different projects:  a professional office, a primary residence, a commercial land development, and a vacation home. He has a remarkable ability to smoothly balance function, economics, and aesthetics.  Ron is a master at understanding and designing spaces that work for human bodies, eyes, minds, and souls.  I am enriched again every day by living in one of those spaces.
Henry Reath